Rosie is from Warrington, a successful self employed beautician. Rosie reached out to Homeless House some time ago to make an offer of coats to keep our extended family warm as the colder months set in. I personally went along to make the collection from Rosie where I learned that Rosie has always been really passionate about giving back and fundraising. Every year Rosie personally has given back to a number of charities and after following us on Instagram told me that she would love to be involved. To allow her to focus on one charity where she can really make an impact and play an active role.

One conversation, 2 meetings, plenty of Coffee (Once we had sussed the new coffee machine) with a commitment from Rosie, time from myself and a month later we are happily singing along at Homeless House HQ. Now making plans, running around pulling things together in time for Christmas, not to mention our hair out over artwork but in general ‘Happy’!

Rosie has been working on our new collaboration S.H.E Wellness Box. Which we will be bringing to you this Week, to allow you all to get involved!

We Welcome Rosie as does the rest of the team. We are lucky to have found her! Thank you Rosie.

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