Trafficking: Can You Spot the Signs?

We are set to launch our awareness campaign on Trafficking “Spot The Signs” in just a few days. 

The campaign will be kicking off not only right here on our website but on all of our social media platforms from Monday 25.05.20 (this coming Monday!) and will run online for a whole month. 

The first week we will bring you facts from our much loved City of Manchester – which may shock you!  We’ll then also cover the whole of the U.K. in the weeks to follow. We’ll not only be providing you with the facts and stats but also helping you understand what to look out for and what to do should you spot any of those signs, or if you yourself are a victim of trafficking. 

We would love for you to check out our social media channels, share the stories on Instagram and be apart of the wider global reporting on a map via a wonderful app! 

Be sure to tag us and use the Hashtag #SPOTTHESIGNS to allow us to re-share your stories and give you a Shout Out! 

See you there. 

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