Lizzie (Manchester)

Having worked in the creative industry for 20 years with great success I met Antonia in what was probably the lowest point in my life and one at which I myself had lost my home, confidence and self belief. Her energy and enthusiasm and more importantly direct and sincere approach gave me the support I needed to get back up on my feet again.

I am a big believer home is where your heart is and change is where the start is and my passion and strength to change and start again definitely came from her belief in me.

I look forwards, to working on many creative projects with her in the future. What I love is Antonia & her Homeless’ House vision – this is not just a charity but a genuine human collective helping other humans across society. Not every homeless person belongs in a statistic, nor can we see them on the street and I feel like the non formulaic approach of this  organization can open peoples eyes and hearts to this

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