What an incredible start to Q1 2024 for our mentoring program with young people through sport ✨️

Having covered schools in Denton, Manchester, and working within settings such as Youth Detention Centres in the UK, Sean took our partnership with our Holistic & Sport Mentoring programme (#YESYOUCAN) to South Africa to work with more gangs 💥

We have and continue to change lives! 💫
We are trusted within our communities and working with those not in education or employment, those involved in crime and countyline, we are now looking to connect with more communities!

Please DM if you feel you would like more information on how we can help you and your loved ones and those around you. Let us help young people believe….. #YESYOUCAN

“Our Community Is Our Strength” : Sean Krool (The Fight Factory Manchester).

Thank you to our donators, those who provide the support for us on a daily basis. You are forever appreciated 💛

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