One message to a road trip! 🤯
This man ‘Daz’ the owner of SharkMode contacted us just a few days ago to offer the apparel he was about to put on sale on his website, to our Afghanistan appeal, after seeing our post 👏

A message to his Shark Community & the game changed 🙌🏽 From Daz’s amazing donation to securing a van to driving across Wales, Ellesmereport, Chester, Wirral, Liverpool & beyond to Manchester to collect all your donations 🤯 The power of Kindness 🥺

Thank you to Daz, Jas and the whole of the Shark Community! It was amazing not to see you both but to meet some of the wider team over the last few days! 💛 Welcome to the Homeless House Family.

Keep an eye out for our stories & post from today you beautiful lot! 🥰 It has been amazing today! Truly wonderful..
Thank you everyone! I’m truly blown away!!

As always, THANK YOU ALL For your kindness 💛💛💛


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